My QR Code 

My QR Code

Displays a QR Code on your site.

Version: 1.2

Joomla 1.5

Joomla 2.5



My QR Code Demo



My QR Code is a lightweight Joomla module that allows you to add a QR Code to your site. Select from any of the included data types (Current URL, Any URL, Email, Phone Number, vCard, and more) and add the content you want encoded into the QR Code and you're done. (See the demo for all avavailable parameters.)

Ideas for implementing My QR Code:

  • Add a QR Code to you home page so that visitors can scan and access your site on the go.
  • Add a QR Code with your vCard on your Contact page so that visitors can easily add you to their address book.
  • Add a QR Code with coordinates to your business so that visitors to your web site can easily scan the QR Code and get directions.

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